Success Stories


Polish National Credit Union

Growing — side by side

While COCC has been a committed partner to Polish National Credit Union (PNCU) for many years, the credit union’s significant growth in recent years has only affirmed the success of this customer-provider relationship, explains Jim Kelly, President and CEO of PNCU. “COCC has been my rock since assuming leadership in 2006. Recently, we welcomed 4,000 new members as a result of a merger with another regional credit union. We are committed to providing excellent service to each and every new member. You won’t believe how carefully planned the merger was, nor how hard COCC worked behind the scenes.”

“Prior to joining the credit union’s leadership team as CFO, I was a bank regulator and very familiar with COCC’s management reports as well as the quality of their services. Over the years, I have seen for myself the true value COCC brings to the table,” continues Jim. “This was one of many mergers PNCU had undertaken with COCC. While the member had no idea who should get the credit for successful transactions, each occasion elevated our trust in COCC’s expertise yet another step higher… if that’s even possible.”

Common Cultures

When considering the longevity and successful relationship between PNCU and COCC, common cultures are a clear factor. “As a credit union, we’re here to make our members’ lives better — that’s our mission,” says Jim. “We are here to save them time and money. COCC is much the same way — not focused on the bottom line — but focused on helping people. Because when you take good care of your people and make things convenient for customers, you will be a profitable organization.”

Reliable. Responsive. Remarkable.

“COCC has touched upon on all the good things that we do at PNCU,” continues Jim. “In addition to our core operating system, general ledger and teller processing, COCC supported a recent rollout of our Perks Checking offering — transactional checking accounts. The numerous options offered by COCC allowed us to build this product to our exact specifications. They enable our success, providing choices that allow us to create products that fit our institutional needs and, more importantly, the needs of our members.”

Like many community-based financial institutions, PNCU understands that meeting the high-tech banking preferences of the next generation of consumers is not an option, but a necessity. “We are confident that we can rely on COCC to help us manage this shifting landscape effectively, efficiently and economically,” shares Jim. “They listen to our needs, providing a combination of software and guidance to help us meet the preferences of millennials. The COCC Mobile and Online Banking solution allows our members, for example, to have all the features and online functionality typically offered by much larger institutions.”

“The people of COCC, at every level of the organization, define the company,” continues Jim. “Our recent emergence into Perks Checking required insights into payment systems, of which there are countless options. Our COCC account executive culled industry publications, sending me the best-of-the-best articles regarding payment systems. This saved me time, provided clarity and was very thoughtful. Each and every individual at COCC with whom we have interacted over the years radiates a sense of pride in being part of a team totally devoted to the client’s success. It’s clear that the team at COCC enjoys making a difference for local banks and credit unions and that from technicians to leadership, they are all there for more than a paycheck.”

Jim Kelly | President & CEO
The Polish National Credit Union