Success Stories


People’s Credit Union Uses COCC Apps to Track Sales and Manage Member Rewards

App technology from COCC has grown from simple reports and screens to an avenue for greater efficiency, flexibility and service to the members of People’s Credit Union.

COCC apps literally ‘overlay’ the COCC core processing platform, an arrangement that goes beyond opening access to information – it also provides access to core processing features and functions. Working with COCC, we have tapped these functions to produce two new systems – Loyalty Rewards and Sales Tracking.

These are complete systems, fully integrated with the COCC core and configurable to our needs. Both are being introduced to COCC clients free of charge later this year as part of the next core platform upgrade.

The new app-based Loyalty Reward system enables us to define and award ‘points’ to our members based on activity, balances, longevity, accounts opened, services added – you name it. We can tailor the rewards to meet our service strategy and establish reward tiers based on a specific number of transactions or a particular amount. We can even link members in the same household together so they can accumulate reward points jointly. It’s a great way to encourage family participate with the credit union.

All member history and attributes are accessible to our employees. We can review points credited, maintenance history, exceptions, notices, account cycles, and eligibility. The app also produces reports to help us keep track of each member’s points. We control all of these features.

The Sales Tracking system enables us to manage our sales goals within the COCC core system.

Referral and sales activity are reflected as they happens – online in real time – and are shown in the core system with complete history and statistics. Because all the member information is already on the core system, we no longer need to enter data. It’s a real time savings over a separate sales tracking system.

Setup is easy. We create our sales and referrals goals for the entire credit union, then assign the goals as appropriate to our branches and individual employees. Employees log their sales and referral activity, and receive updates via core system messages and email. Online notes appear when any staff member looks up a member that has an active referral. Successful sales and expired referrals close automatically based on our parameters.

This robust sales tracking system competes favorably against standalone systems that can cost more than $60,000. Thanks to COCC’s commitment to advanced technology and collaboration, our direct cost for the app-based system is zero.

Working with COCC on these projects has been a terrific experience. They are as excited as we are to show what app technology can do to increase our speed to market and to deliver a superior member experience.

Apps are a tool to keep our service fresh, flexible and innovative. Thanks to COCC apps, we are staying ahead of the competition.