Success Stories


New Technology Builds Product Capacity at Polish National Credit Union

Opportunity for Polish National Credit Union lies in offering new products to our members. To do that, we need to leverage all the tools at our disposal while retaining our strong financial footing. Next generation technology from COCC is helping us do just that.

We recently upgraded to COCC’s .Net core platform, a technology system that builds capacity and simplifies the process of adding service features for our members.

Everything is a click away on the new core platform. We use one screen to launch functions from taking deposits to stopping ACH payments to opening new accounts. Most steps are automated so we don’t have to re-enter transaction details and translate product names into meaningless codes. It’s made a big difference in our efficiency, which is particularly useful as we take on the larger volumes of work.

If our staff needs help with a procedure, we click the onscreen help button. The system knows what we are trying to do and tells us exactly how to perform the procedure. Our new employees use wizards, which step them through new procedures and enable our employees to pick right up with little formal training.

This is a big plus as our staff becomes accustomed to our new services. It also points to the advantages of integrated technologies, such as image archive and image check processing.

Because we all use a single source of payment information, our online members see the same check images and ACH activity as our tellers and operations staff. Images are available online as soon as they are deposited, which makes a tremendous difference in strengthening our check and other payment services.

COCC’s integrated item processing system also gives us better funds availability. If we scan our check items before 1 p.m., we get same day credit. We also catch fraudulent items more quickly – the same day instead of 4-5 days later – and we process returns more quickly, which is a big help.

Best of all, if we do have an issue, we can call the experts at COCC. They have experience implementing best practices, and know how to adapt those practices to our unique product set at Polish National Credit Union.

More than providing technology, COCC is our partner, committed to our new ventures. They are constantly adding value with free analysis of our procedures and free training for our staff. We rely on our partnership to continue building our credit union’s future success.